Salmonid Restoration Federation


Dana Stolzman

Executive Director

Dana Stolzman has been the Executive Director of Salmonid Restoration Federation (SRF) for over 12 years as well as the Agenda Coordinator for the Annual Salmonid Restoration Conference. Dana previously worked on Alaska salmon campaigns, producing the Coho Confab, and for ten years worked with an advocacy group that helped to list coho salmon as a threatened species in California. Dana’s background is in community and statewide organizing. She was the Bay Area director of a citizen’s initiative campaign to ban old-growth logging in California and she worked to organize labor leaders in solidarity with the Central American labor movement.

Dana graduated with honors from UC Berkeley with an English degree and minor in Conservation Resource Studies. She specializes in herding cats, whitewater kayaking, and coalition building. She is also an avid foodie which is why she cares so much about your eating experience at SRF events.

Laura Bridy

Project Associate

Laura developed her interest and enthusiasm for environmental restoration and outreach throughout her life, while exploring the incredible diversity of wild habitats in California, earning a bachelor’s degree with honors in Biology and Psychology from UC Santa Cruz, giving nature walks and campfire programs as an interpretive ranger with the National Park Service, and especially when working on salmonid restoration projects on the northern coast of California for the past decade. She enjoys working hard to support SRF's goals, to share and advance the best practices for restoring the ecological integrity and salmonid populations of California.

Dian Griffith


Dian Griffith has been the independent contract bookkeeper for Salmonid Restoration Federation since 2004.  She is the owner of Full Circle Enterprises since 1992 and specializes in non-profit and construction bookkeeping and administration.

Kolby Lundgren

Project Assistant

Kolby is a botanist at heart, and graduated with honors from Humboldt State University with a bachelor’s in botany. She is inspired to learn about the natural world in its entirety and how to help humans use, interact, and connect with it in a sustainable way. This ambition led her to work seasonally conducting botanical surveys that identify and protect sensitive plant species and, in the interim, led outdoor and environmental education programs for youth in California.

She became increasingly attracted to watershed related work while recreating in the wild rivers of the Pacific Northwest. During her service with the Watershed Stewards Program, she was introduced to the passionate and committed restoration community working in California’s watersheds. She looks forward to promoting the positive work that is being cultivated within it.

Kolby enjoys her playtime, too. She loves to garden, creatively cook and ferment foods, and engages in a variety of outdoor activities with her Pack—ideally all in the same day!