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Redwood Creek Low-Flow Monitoring

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SRF Monitoring team discuss techniques

Updated June 3, 2019

In lower Redwood Creek the water is still tinted green from the Mid-May storm. Young fish are starting to enjoy the sunshine and feed at the riffle crests. 

Hover your mouse over the graph lines to see daily values. Click on the Monitoring Site Labels (Dinner Creek, Miller Creek, etc.) to remove/add information.

Redwood Creek 1.5,1.8, 2.5, 3, & 4 and Upper Redwood Creek are mainstem sites (4 is farthest downstream).

Dinner, Miller, and China Creeks are Redwood Creek tributaries.

The average of a certain year is the mean flow of all the monitoring sites from around that time.

Data is plotted on a logarithmic scale; 0.01 represents "0" or "No flow." Measurements are rounded to the nearest tenths.