Salmonid Restoration Federation

Pond Planning and Groundwater Recharge Workshop

August 17, 2019
Pond Planning and Groundwater Recharge Workshop and Field Tour, August 17, Briceland, CA
SRF and Sanctuary Forest will host a Pond Planning and Groundwater Recharge Workshop and Field Tour this summer to highlight rainwater catchment ponds and groundwater recharge concepts and opportunities. Presentations will focus on Redwood Creek planning efforts and conceptual designs for the Marshall Ranch flow enhancement planning project, Sanctuary Forest’s pioneering recharge efforts, and expert presentations on groundwater hydrology. The workshop will include a field tour to the Sanctuary Forest Baker Creek project shown above.


Addressing Land Use Impacts to Restore Dry Season Flows and Foster Hydrologic Resiliency, 
Tasha McKee, Water Program Director, Sanctuary Forest
Summary of 6 years of Dry-season Instream Flow Monitoring Results in Redwood Creek and General Implications for Aquatic Habitat and Flow Enhancement Approaches,
Jay Stallman, Geologist, Stillwater Sciences

Status and Summary of Groundwater Recharge and Flow Enhancement Project Design and Planning in Redwood Creek,
Joel Monschke, Engineer, Stillwater Sciences
Baker Creek Tour Description
Sanctuary Forest and the Bureau of Land Management are working with collaborating partners to address land use impacts and a changing climate. Together, these factors are decreasing groundwater storage capacity and lowering summer streamflows. This presentation and tour will focus on two streamflow enhancement pilot projects located in Baker Creek in the Mattole Headwaters of Northern California.
The two projects represent two strategies, 1) addressing channel incision resulting from logging and instream wood removal impacts and 2) addressing reduced upslope infiltration and groundwater storage caused by logging impacts and loss of wetlands. We will discuss preliminary outcomes and how we are applying lessons learned.  
Advanced registration is encouraged to ensure that we have enough room on the field tour for participants but no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Briceland, CA