Salmonid Restoration Federation

The 37th Annual Conference will be held in Santa Rosa, California from  April 23 - 26, 2019. Please check back to this website as we will be adding more details. The first call for session, field tour, and workshop abstracts is located below. 

Potential Field Tours

  • Living in a Fire Adapted Landscape: Burn Zone Recovery, Natural Regeneration and Active Restoration in Sonoma County Watersheds
  • Dutch Bill Watershed Streamflow Improvement and Coho-Recovery Tour
  • Integrating Flood Management, Steelhead and Wildlife Restoration in the Napa River Watershed
  • Winter Habitat, Floodplains, and Fish Passage in Lagunitas Creek
  • Exploring a Stage 0 Valley - Aggraded, Avulsed, Restored
  • Dry Creek Field Tour: Partnerships in Habitat Enhancement and Monitoring for Salmonid Recovery

Potential Workshops

  • Implementing Priority Recovery Actions for Coho Salmon in the Central California Coast
  • Stage 0 Restoration, Design and Implementation
  • Recent Innovations in Ecologically-based Restoration of Streams, Meadows and Wetlands
  • Thinking Outside the Channel: Innovative Approaches to Urban Stream Restoration 

Potential Concurrent Sessions

  • Data, Planning and Actions for Watershed Resiliency: Fires, Floods and Climate Change
  • Growing Impacts: Cannabis and Instream Flows
  • Floodplains and Functions: From Concept to Creation
  • Salmonid Foodscapes in River Networks
  • Freshwater-Estuarine Transition Zone in Coastal Watersheds 
  • Stage Zero Restoration, Design and Implementation
  • Let The River Run: Insights into Understanding the Klamath Basin
  • Incorporating Tribal Ecological Knowledge Into Salmonid Recovery Efforts
  • Possibility of a Renaissance for Spring-Run Chinook: Fact or Fiction?
  • Documenting the Biological and Environmental Effects of Low Flow
  • Strategies for Improving Streamflow
  • Innovations in the Science and Management of Dry Season Water Supply for Salmonid Recovery in California

Finley Community Center
2060 West College Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA