Salmonid Restoration Federation

The 38th Annual Conference will be held in Santa Cruz, California from March 31 - April 3, 2020. 

Second Call for Presenter Abstracts

Presenter Abstracts deadline is November 8, 2019
In 2020, Salmonid Restoration Federation will produce the 38th Annual Salmonid Restoration Conference in Santa Cruz, California. The first two days of the conference include full-day workshops and field tours. Thursday begins with a half- day plenary session followed by 1.5 days of technical, biological, and policy-related concurrent sessions. This conference will focus on a broad range of salmonid and watershed restoration topics of concern to restoration practitioners, watershed scientists, fisheries biologists, resource agency personnel, land-use planners, and landowners.
Potential Field Tours
• Salmonid Recovery in the San Lorenzo River Watershed: Water, Wood and Working with Neighbors
• Los Padres Dam and Fish Passage Tour
• It Takes A Watershed: Fisheries Recovery in the Butano / Pescadero Watershed
• San Clemente Dam Removal Tour
• 18 Years of Managing Sediment, Legacy Logging, and Mountain Bikes to Improve Salmonid Habitat
• The Three Legs of the Coho Recovery Stool in Action: Ecological Restoration, Monitoring, and Hatchery Operations
Potential Workshops
• Fish Passage Design for Road Crossings Workshop and Field Tour
• Making Recovery Plans More Actionable
• Beavers and Dam Analogues: Recent Insights and Lessons Learned
• Assessing Ecological Risks from Streamflow Diversions
Potential Concurrent Sessions
• Approaches for Management and Restoration of Central California Coastal Lagoons
• Central Valley Anadromous Salmonid Habitat Suitability Criteria
• Lessons Learned from 15 Years of the Integrated Watershed Restoration Program
• Understanding Historical Context to Inform Current Salmonid Recovery Planning
• Creating Opportunities for Community Involvement To Address Common Urban Stream Management Issues
• Challenges and Innovations in Salmonid Lifecycle Monitoring in Coastal Streams
• Hydrologic Management Insights from Instrumented Watersheds
• The Science Informing Salmonid Reintroductions
• Salmon Seascape Ecology —Climate Change and Oceanic Conditions
Each concurrent session includes six speakers. Speaker presentations are 25 minutes including questions. SRF encourages presentations on completed projects that have a monitoring and assessment component. The Agenda Coordinator will work with each Session Coordinator towards confirming presenters by November 18, 2019 and finalizing speaker abstracts.
Submitting Session and Presentation Abstracts 
Submitting an abstract for the 2020 Salmonid Restoration Conference is a two-step process.
The formatting requirements for the Word Document are as follows:
  • 12 point, Times New Roman font, and left justified only.
  • Title of your abstract
  • A list of all the authors, their affiliations and credentials, and e-mail addresses. Presenters must be clearly identified. Please write out this information exactly as you would want it listed in the Presenter Directory
  • Indicate if the presenter is a student.
  • Indicate what concurrent session or workshop you would like to contribute to, or indicate “Poster.”
  • Include preference of presentation type (i.e., PowerPoint LCD projector).
  • An abstract of 500 words of less.
Example Abstract:
Title: Sample Title
Author: Maria Gonzales, PhD, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, (Presenter), and Co-author: Martin Jones, PE, NOAA Fisheries,
Concurrent Session: Reintroduction of Salmon into their Historic Habitats
Presentation Type: PowerPoint
Abstract: Write your abstract here.
All contributions, including Session and Presentation Abstracts, should be submitted electronically by email to with abstract attached as an MS Word file. Receipt of your submission will be acknowledged by email and forwarded to the correct session chair. For any additional information, please contact SRF at (707) 923-7501 or
2020 Poster Session  
The Poster Session is 7-10 pm on Thursday, April 2 at the Cocoanut Grove. This annual event is open to all conference attendees and a great venue to network with your peers. There is no cost to attend or present a poster. We encourage posters, pamphlet distribution, software exhibits, and multimedia (video) presentations.
If you would like to present during the Poster Session, click here to pre-register.
Please email info@calsalmon with any questions about the poster session.

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