Salmonid Restoration Federation
11 April - 14, 2018
Fortuna, California

Instream Restoration and Groundwater Recharge in the Mattole Headwaters

Tour Coordinators:
Tasha McKee, Sanctuary Forest
Sam Flanagan, Bureau of Land Management
Joel Monschke, Stillwater Sciences
Campbell Thompson, Mattole Salmon Group
John Neill, John Neill General Engineering Contractor, Inc.
Anthony Lovatto, John Neill General Engineering Contractor, Inc.
Michelle Robinson, Pacific Watershed Associates

The tour will encompass a 500 meter reach of Baker Creek, a 4.1 square kilometer tributary to the upper Mattole River. The reach hosts a range of instream woody debris work begun in 2012 with the objective of increasing groundwater levels, improving instream habitat, and reconnecting historic floodplains. We will also visit an adjacent stream terrace to view a series of groundwater recharge ponds, both existing and planned. The field tour is intended to spur discussion on restoration in incised stream channels where several factors conspire to limit salmonid productivity: depleted streamflows, lack of instream habitat, and poor floodplain connectivity.