Salmonid Restoration Federation

The 36th Annual Conference will be held in Fortuna, California from  April 11-14, 2018. 

Potential Field Tours

  • Lower Eel River Restoration, Flood Reduction, and Habitat Connectivity Tour

  • Instream, Off-Channel, and Upslope Erosion Reduction Restoration Projects in Humboldt Bay

  • Instream Restoration and Groundwater Recharge Planning in the Mattole Headwaters

  • Large Wood Augmentation Projects in Small, Low-Risk Streams

  • Restoring Tidal Wetlands: Inclusive, Process-based Restoration in Working Landscapes

  • 15 Years of Salmonid Habitat Restoration in Lower Klamath Tributaries

Potential Workshops

  • Instream Flow Workshop

  • Speaking of Science — Public Speaking Tips for Improved Science Communication

  • Effectiveness Monitoring of Instream Restoration Projects in California

  • Using an Optimization Model to Select Fish Passage Barriers for Remediation

  • Identifying Appropriate Site-Specific Methods and Target Criteria for Instream Large Wood Restoration Efforts 

Potential Concurrent Sessions

  • Cool Matters: Emerging Stream Temperature Science

  • Streamlined Permitting for Restoration Projects — Existing Programs and Potential Reforms

  • Klamath River Dam Removals — Overview of Planning and Process

  • North Coast Innovative Flow Enhancement Programs

  • Adapting Aging Infrastructure to Sustain Listed Salmonids

  • Risky Landscapes and Nomadic Salmon; Salmon Ecology and Life-History Strategies 

  • Alluvial Fans and Salmonid Habitat: The Forgotten and Challenging Landscape in Between

  • Restoring to Stage Zero, Recent Innovations in Restoration Science: Reports from the Field 

  • Modeling Salmonid Habitat for Restoration 

  • Eel River Ecology, Restoration Challenges, and Opportunities

To propose an abstract for a Field Tour, Workshop, or Session, please fill out this form. After submitting this form, you will also need to e-mail a Word Document of your abstract to For detailed instructions, please see the First Call for Abstracts.

River Lodge
1800 Riverwalk Drive,
Fortuna, CA