Salmonid Restoration Federation

Sessions at the 36th Annual Salmonid Restoration Conference

Eel River Ecology, Restoration Challenges, and Opportunities
Session Coordinator:
Darren Mierau, Cal Trout
Streamflow Enhancement: Planning, Science, Strategies and Lessons Learned
Biological Responses: Fish Seeks River With Ample Flow and Bugs, Not Too Hot
Restoring to Stage Zero, Recent Innovations in Restoration Science: Reports from the Field
Streamlined Permitting for Restoration Projects — Existing Programs and Potential Reforms
Session Coordinator:
Matt Clifford, Trout Unlimited
Cool Matters: Emerging Stream Temperature Science
Klamath River Dam Removals – Overview of Planning and Process
Session Coordinator:
Michael Belchik, Yurok Tribe
Modeling Salmonid Habitat for Restoration
Alluvial Fans and Salmonid Habitat: The Forgotten and Challenging Landscape In-Between
Adapting Aging Hydroelectric Infrastructure to Sustain Listed Salmonids
Session Coordinator:
Eric Ginney, ESA

Friday, April 13, 2018

Plenary Session
9:00am - 12:15pm
Colin Thorne, School of Geography, University of Nottingham, UK
Brian Cluer, NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service, Santa Rosa
Frank Kanawha Lake, Research Ecologist, US Forest Service PSW Fire and Fuels Program
Wendy Poppy Ferris-George (Hupa/Karuk/Yurok/Chameriko), Klamath Renewal Corporation